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Ok, so I need a few fresh sniffers to test some things out for me.  This will be round one because there probably will be more to come.  I have two scents right now that I’d like tested.  If interested, you can sign up below, but because I can’t send them to everyone, I’ll have to use random.org to pick a few.  I need two testers in each category. 

You will receive two cubes of the scent to test and I’d like you to be able to use it within the week.  The purpose of me doing this is to get feedback ASAP on them.  I’ll probably set up a place in the discussions tab on the Fb page for you to “report.” 

Right now I have two that need opinions.  Both are pink sugar kisses mixes and are:

Pink Pucker Punch and Berry Pink Cheesecake

You can sign up below if you’ll have the time and sniffer to give it a good test round for me.  It would be much appreciated!!  And remember, these are completely random testings, I’m new to mixing so go easy on me LOL 😉   Thanks! 

Testers will be chosen on Tuesday, Jan 11th at around 10 am EST.   Thanks!!


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