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It’s still amazing to me that there have been 2000 people that have at least visited the Scarborough Lane page. For just little old me, working late most nights out of the downstairs family room that I’ve taken over…it’s no small matter.  🙂

Sometimes if I’m having a not so good day and feeling bad, it hardly fails that I can check in on the page and someone has written something that makes me smile, and it’s truly appreciated.  I know that no one makes anyone write anything on the wall, so I do mean that it really is appreciated. 
I know sometimes I get more behind than I’d like with getting new scents out there and listed, but I’m still trying to find my balance. Hopefully soon I can find that place that is just right 🙂

So to thank you all for staying around, there is $20 in store credit up for consideration here. The giveaway is open until Thursday, March 24th at 11 pm EST. I’ll use random.org to draw one winner 🙂

To enter, simply comment below with your favorite product, scent, or just about anything 🙂

Thanks so much and I hope that I can keep you all interested and you might stick around…


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