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Ok! Let’s have another giveaway. I’m going to pick three winners when I go to bed tonight. So it’s a quick one but hopefully we get some people signed up. 🙂

First number drawn gets a sample of Lemon Pucker Sink Fresh. (Like a bath bomb for your kitchen sink)

Second number drawn gets a lip balm in either Strawberry, Grape, or Melon Medley.

And lucky number 3 will get a hanging air freshener.

Good luck and thanks for all the support 😀


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So last night I was being rather dorky and giggling over my use of “man pouf” and how it just didn’t sound “right.”  So I figure, now I need to give one out just because.  🙂  So up for grabs will be a “Man Pouf” in Polo Sport Type scent (which smells really good btw!).  Just post a message below to be entered (and hopefully you’re a fan on FB already).  I’ll do the drawing tonight before I go to bed.    Here’s to a good smellin guy!!!  😀

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Hello everyone, I’m hoping that this blog site is easier to figure out.  I believe you can enter your email and only I can see it, so it’s not publicly displayed.  I don’t want everyone having to put their info out there for someone naughty to take…

So in order to test this out, please post below and later on tonight I’ll choose one of you randomly to win your choice of Soap Pouf (mandarin twist, pink sugar kisses, or polo sport for guys).   Thanks for the help and continued support 😀

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Hey everyone!!  I hope lots of people find their way over from the Facebook page.  My main point in creating this is to make a place for giveaways, etc.  However, I might also post some other info on here also from time to time.   So welcome to my tiny little world of Scarborough Lane 🙂

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