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I have a really great and dear friend here in town who has one of the biggest hearts around.  I met Miss Kathy when I worked at a place here in town (among several other great friends too!) and she’s such a great person.  She makes these really awesome stuffed bears, dolls, angels, snowmen and other primitive like decorations.  She helped me get into the local craft shows and we always set up next to each other and between us and Cassie (Cassie is my first hand lady at these shows, she helps me SO much) we have a blast at these shows and I really do look forward to them.  I always seem to find a bear that I “need” and she’ll never let me buy it, she always just gives it to me (someday I’ll “get her back” though lol).  Last time there was a bear who just stuck out among all the others and of course, I just had to have it.  He looked Halloweenish to me and he was kind of the odd ball out, so now he lives with me.  Then I saw that she had another bear in the making (she even puts these together at shows when we’re not goofing off LOL).  It was a pink ribbon pattern and I knew it was going to be special…

After so many of you shared your stories for the last Pink Ribbon giveaway to honor Breast Cancer Awareness, I asked her if she would make me one.  I KNEW when I saw it I would want to keep it, but I’m going to give the bear out to be loved at a new home. 

She’s very special for several reasons but most of all, she was made with love and she’s given with the same… 

Miss Kathy Bear: A beautiful handmade bear for someone special

One winner will be chosen through random.org to get this very special Miss Kathy bear, a Pink Sugar Kisses lotion, a Pink Awareness Ribbon air freshener, and their choice of a package of melts.  If the winner wishes, I will send this as a gift to someone for them also. 

Please comment below if you’d like to be entered.  I will use random.org to draw a winner on Friday night at around 10pm EST.  Feel free to share this giveaway with others if you think they would be interested.  It’s a bit different from my normal giveaways, but like I said, this one is really special for lots of reasons.


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Woohoo!! *Closed*

As a little incentive for the upcoming blog giveaways I’d like to do one quick tonight. I was so excited to see all the new friends from H20 at home with Kerri!
I went from 700 to 1200 fans in less than a week thanks to some other great businesses sending people my way. That means I’m quite behind on blog giveaways but no fear, I’ll get them up here.

In the meantime, please post below to be entered for your chance at a $5 store credit. I’ll draw the winner Monday night at 10 pm EST. Thanks everyone!!

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I signed up with The Frugal Army Wife on Facebook to do a giveaway today for any new friends that came over to the page.  Then I thought I’d like to offer up an extra reward later today for everyone too!!   All you have to do is comment below and I’ll use random.0rg to choose a winner this evening at 10pm EST.

Up for grabs is a $5 store credit.   🙂

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As promised, I wanted to give out some Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons this month. I will be drawing 5 people to get them, however I will be giving out 10 ribbons. Each person chosen by random.org will also be given a ribbon to give as a RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) to whom ever they choose. If you want them both sent to you or if you want the “gift” ribbon sent somewhere else, just let me know. I’d like to scent all the ribbons with Pink Sugar Kisses, however, if there is something else you’d really like, just please ask. 🙂

Sample Breast Cancer Awareness Air Freshener

To enter, simply post below with whatever message you choose and feel free to send friends to enter too. 🙂

Please allow me a week to get these sent out. Hopefully it will be earlier but sometimes things come up and I feel terrible shipping late, so if I tell you now it will be a week, I won’t feel so bad later LOL. 😉

Also, because I know there are unfortunately so many types of Cancers that can affect our lives, if you’re chosen and want another color of ribbon, just send me a note about that also.

Many hugs to everyone out there who’s life has been touched by Cancer.

I’ll use random.org to choose the winners this coming Friday at 10pm EST.

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I don’t want to call this a giveaway really because I associate giveaways with fun and today I’m sure (as with many other days) is a hard day for many women and families all over the world.

So we’ll call this a ribbon hug instead 🙂

In honor of the little ones who have gone before, I’d like to send out 5 Awareness ribbon air fresheners painted in pink and blue. If you’d like to be considered (I’d love to send one to all, but I’m not a big enough operation for that quite yet), please leave a comment below and I’ll use random.org to draw on Sunday night.

Pregnancy and Infant loss Awareness ribbon

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Because sometimes not everyone can get in on the quick giveaways on Facebook, I’m going to do a small one here. This will be for another $3 store credit.
Just comment below with pretty much anything and I’ll draw a winner using random.org at 3 pm EST (when I get my kids from school). Thanks!

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