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In honor of you guys not leaving due to me asking you to spare a click vote in the contest, I think a little prize action is in order! 🙂

I really didn’t expect much out of it, however, just having people take time out of their busy days to click for me, that was worth it and I appreciate it.  I believe the month of August they go through and find out who’s most popular and then read what people wrote, etc.  So who knows what might come out of it yet, no guarantees in life for sure right?  🙂

I’ve been talking about “Oh Snap” melts and “A Stroll down the Lane” bags on the facebook page and I think we’ll give it a go for this giveaway.  I have several random things made up downstairs that at this point I just need moved out.  I’ll be posting some on the site but let’s give out some freebies first 😉

Please be a fan of Scarborough Lane and then comment here.  All you have to do is tell me what your favorite scent of melts would be if you were to place an order for yourself.

I’ll send out 3 packages, so I’ll be drawing 3 winners with the random.org site.  Each winner will get a suprise package, it might be a mix or it could be all the same I just don’t know at this point LOL.   I’ll keep this open until Wed, 9/1 at around 10 EST.

Oh!  And when we get to 600 friends on facebook, another giveaway will be in store.  I’m thinking Reed Diffuser…

Thanks for sticking around 😀


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Since you guys helped me out last night in my quest to get my favorite cloth diaper detergent on sale, I thought we should do a quick giveaway.
I have some new scents of melts coming out for fall (really soon!) and would like some additional input. And maybe I can get you hooked on it, lol. 😉

So please comment below telling me which of the following scents of melts you would choose if you were chosen! 🙂
Maple Pecan Strudel
Maple Sugar
Coffee Cake and Spice
Pumpkin Cookie Crunch (not new but new for my fall line)
Pumpkin Cheesecake (again not new but good enough to add in)
Cranberry Peach Vanilla
Cranberry Harvest Bread

I’ll draw a winner using random.org around 11 pm EST so hopefully enough people can get in if they want to. Thanks again!!!

Oh..if someone doesn’t have a melter we could replace the melts with a hanging air freshener 😉


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3 people will be chosen to get their choice of Hanging Air Freshener!

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Soap Pouf! *Closed*

One person will be chosen to get their choice of Soap Pouf in either Pink Sugar Kisses, Mandarin Twist, or Polo Sport Type for Guys…

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Vacuum Scents *Closed*

3 people will be chosen to get a sample of the new vacuum scents in their choice of scent of course!

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3 People will be chosen to get a sample size package of the new Sink Fresh, aka Sink Bombs! Scent choice will be Lemon Pucker or Hot Apple Pie.

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Melts Giveaway *Closed*

3 People will be chosen to get a package of melts in their choice of scent!!

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