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I contacted Meghann with the Rhineland Farm Store and asked her if she wanted to do a little swap of sorts.  We each swapped our products and then agreed to do a giveaway on each other’s pages to help cross promote our little businesses. 🙂

She sent me two of her dryer balls.  I am not into the scent so she left them unscented at my request.  I even talked her into sending me some pretty ones LOL.  They came in a handy hand stamped muslin bag (which was a really nice size btw) and I LOVED them right then and there.  

I’ve got wool dryer balls from 3 other places on facebook and I think I like hers best.  They are very nicely made and nice and big.  Yep, I like em big 😀  And even though they live in the dryer, I like opening the dryer to see all the neat colors anyways. 😉

Please check out her page and her website on Facebook. 

Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=328387802715&sk=basic#!/pages/Rhineland-Farm-Store/134787216570610

Her Store:  http://www.rhinelandfarm.com/

She has agreed to give out one set of 2 dryer balls to one of my lucky fans.   She’s had to restart her page from scratch so I hope that this brings her some new people.  These are really top notch wool dryer balls and her store has lots of other awesome stuff.  I wish I lived closer to her because I’d love to visit her farm.  She’ll also be giving out some of my stuff on her page 😉

Please enter your name below and tell me what scent you’d choose if you were to win.  Winner will be drawn on Tuesday night at 10 pm EST.   Even if you don’t win, I hope some of  you might purchase from her if you’re in the market for some wool dryer balls, these really are the best!  🙂


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The past few weeks have been exciting over at Scarborough Lane!!  We’ve gone from under 800 to over 1400 friends on the page.  That is amazing to me!!  Granted I might be hidden from a lot of pages, but to even have 1400 people see the name, is pretty neat in my opinion 😀

 Special thanks to:  The Frugal Army Wife, Nellie Bug’s Tutus & More, H20 at Home with Kerri and Penny Pinching Polly for allowing me a way to reach so many new people!!   (I hope I didn’t forget someone in that list there!)  I can’t think of any other way that me, just a mom making stuff in her family room, could reach so many people…

There are 7 giveaways up on the Blog.  You can enter each one once.  I’ll use random.org to draw winners on Wednesday, November 10th around 10 pm EST.  Please feel free to share with friends if they might want to enter too 🙂 

Please allow me up to a week to mail out the packages.  Life happens and sometimes I get behind on mailing out giveaway stuff.  I always try to ship out quick though because I like to get things I buy/win right away too LOL!

Thanks so much for coming to the page and supporting my tiny little operation.  I’m glad that so many of you have had the chance to try out some of the products and it’s awesome to see you coming back and even interacting on the page.  So thanks to YOU all for that.  🙂

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Now that it’s getting a little chilly out, it’s a good time to break out the super moisturizing body frosting!!  But first you need a good scrub with a Soap Pouf!  Winner will get a soap pouf (pink sugar kisses or love spell type at this time) and a body frosting in their scent of choice.   Thanks!

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Room or body spray time!!!  Let me know which you’d choose and what scent you’d like!  Thanks!

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How about a Paraben Free Lotion and Shower Gel in your choice of scent.   What scent is your FAVORITE for bath products?   Thanks!

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How about a package of soy based melts and some sweeper scent squares??   Post below with what scents you’d choose for each and thanks!

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Yeah 1000!!!  So exciting for a tiny operation like mine 😀  

One lucky person will get a $10 store credit, please enter your name below and tell me what your favorite product is (or would be).  Thanks!

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